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Morse and Mi

Morse and Mi  is an live, online installation art piece that utilizes livestreaming user interactions with analog tape to create an experimental journey of the history of communication. When people log into the livestream they see the installation and instructions that prompts the audience to answer a question about who they are. These answers are recorded onto a tape loop that is played back via a revolving mechanism of tape heads that emulates the pulses of a morse code generator, merging the audience together and simplifying who they are into the letters “M” and “I”. These letters represent the self, making reference to several languages, but also call to mind the musical solfège. Just as all the people you’ve encountered in your life changes you in one way or the other, everyone who answers the question asked by this piece changes the sound of the pulses. Each answer helps build the piece into a complex sonic collage that represents the self. Part installation, part live performance, and part collage Morse and Mi is a work that bridges the gap between forms of technological communications and explores the possibilities of interactive installation art during the COVID-19 isolation when you cannot physically be with the artwork.

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