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Duet is a tape based installation between two ¼ inch reel-to-reel tape players. A loop of tape connects the two players and holds a composition that is performed by the two machines. One Machine moves the tape, and the other plays back the audio. In front of each machine is a touch sensor that starts each machine, an audience of two is needed for the machines to perform, mirroring the machines. The two machines represent people in a relationship, working together to make a relationship. Just as in life, the two may go out of sync and harm or even break the tape, but when they find a balance, a beautiful melody is made. Inspired by Untitled (Perfect Lovers) by Félix González-Torres and Composition 1960 #7 by La Monte Young, this piece relies on two objects, their relationship with each other, and how that relationship can morph into something new over time.

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